Patient quote

Calvin Self had surgery for his scoliosis at the end of December 2015, and, unfortunately, after he returned home, he fell.


He needed rehabilitation before he would be ready to live well at home again.


Self came to Wooldridge Place Nursing Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Jan. 13, 2016, eager to participate in physical and occupational therapies. When he arrived, he needed maximum assistance with bathing and getting dressed, and he could only stand up for about three minutes at a time.


“Mr. Self was a very motivated individual,” said Rene Miranda, physical therapist assistant. “He wanted aggressive therapy, so that is what we delivered.”


Six days a week, Self met with physical and occupational therapists to work toward his goals of regaining full mobility, getting home and being able to go out to restaurants. Therapists used electrical stimulation to help re-educate his muscles and walked him through performing his daily self-care tasks.


“The staff was professional and accommodating and helped me feel as comfortable as possible,” said Self. “I will recommend this facility to whomever needs therapy or nursing care.”


Self was able to return home independently on Jan. 27. He was able to take care of himself again and get around on a rolling walker.