Left to right: Nancy Elizondo, occupational therapist assistant; Gayle Mantello; and Rene Miranda, physical therapist assistant

With numerous health concerns, Gayle Mantello came to Wooldridge Place Nursing Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, on June 16, 2017, after weeks in the hospital.


Mantello had been weak for a long time and hadn’t walked in two years. When she arrived, she required maximum assistance to roll over in bed, transfer from one surface to another, groom herself, bathe, get dressed and even wheel herself in her wheelchair.


“I thought rehab would simply help me regain my strength, but I gained so much more,” said Mantello.


Physical and occupational therapists met with Mantello six days a week. Physical therapists worked on leg-strengthening exercises and eventually had her try walking with a walker. Occupational therapists used adaptive equipment to help her perform the daily tasks she would need at home and had her use resistance bands and hand-cycles to increase her upper-body strength. She used the Omnicycle exercise bicycle to increase her strength, range of motion and endurance.


“With their guidance, exercises and a great sense of humor, the rehab team addressed my needs and created a regimen specialized for me,” said Mantello. “With the help of Rene [Miranda, physical therapist assistant] and the rest of the rehab team, in three short weeks the dream of walking again is now a reality. I can’t praise Rene, Nancy [Elizondo, occupational therapist assistant] and the whole rehab team at Wooldridge Place enough for all the patience and care.”


Mantello is now able to walk with someone standing beside her to assist her, and she is able to transfer with stand-by assistance. She can use her wheelchair independently and balance better, and she can bathe and dress herself with supervision. She returned home on July 6 and is continuing to progress in her walking with home health services.