It takes skill, the proper tools and a good balance of rest and activity to recover from a total hip replacement, as Calvin Kimura can attest.


Kimura underwent a hip replacement in January 2016 and came to Wooldridge Place Nursing Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, for just such an experience. When he arrived on Jan. 21, he needed a rolling walker in order to walk and had to have someone standing beside him providing physical support. He also needed help with daily self-care tasks like getting dressed and bathing.


Physical and occupational therapists got right to work with Kimura. OTs focused on helping him relearn and excel in his self-care tasks five days a week.


Kimura’s PT regimen was even more intense, meeting with physical therapists seven days a week to increase his strength, range of motion and balance. Several special tools facilitated his recovery as well.


The NuStep® recumbent cross trainer allowed Kimura to exercise his upper and lower body from a seated position, which helped take pressure off his new hip. Therapists progressively increased the resistance of the machine as he got stronger.


Kimura also made use of the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®. The machine helped reduce the amount of weight he had to bear on his hips through its reduced-gravity chamber, and it allowed Kimura a safe place to practice his gait.


Therapists also had Kimura practice walking indoors and outdoors on a variety of surfaces, even and uneven, in order to prepare him for walking in the real world again.


Kimura returned home on Feb. 17.


“I am able to dress, bathe and walk by myself after therapy,” said Kimura. “My strength is back to normal, and my range of motion is improving daily. The service [at Wooldridge Place] was excellent.”